IEC61131-3 automation programming and industrial communications protocols

We are proud to offer STRATON®, a leading IEC61131-3 soft PLC programming environment and real time engine for use in PLCs, RTUs, drives and other industrial controllers.

STRATON® is a versatile automation and data processing environment for embedded platforms. Compliant with the IEC61131-3 standard, straton software consists of a suite of development tools, an integrated editor and a runtime.  Available as a software suite or as independent software components.

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The Editor allows to develop applications via the different languages of the IEC61131-3 standard (ST, FBD, SFC, LD, IL). Various tools are also available. They allow to configure fieldbuses, to do automatic configuration or online diagnosis

The straton Runtime ensures the execution of the IEC61131-3 application developed with the Editor. Easily integrated on any platform - regardless of the hardware configuration and operating system - it supports a large number of drivers and communication protocols, such as Modbus, Profinet, BACnet, CANOpen, Powerlink, IEC61850 or IEC60870. It allows manufacturers to offer more flexibility to their teams or end-users for the programming of their equipment. These devices can be PLCs, motor controllers, axis controllers, intelligent man-machine interfaces (dashboards), RTUs (for energy or utilities), embedded systems or production machines.

STRATON® addresses the needs of platform manufacturers, embedded systems, industrial automation systems and the utilities industry.