Our Capabilities

We are able to offer a range of solutions that are proven to help improve business performance.

You can read about some of the background to these solutions and their implementation, plus ideas for the future in these articles (original publication information included for reference):

PDF DownloadWhat You May Not Know About Soft PLCs (In Tech Magazine, January 2022)

PDF DownloadWestern Virginia Water Authority Point Orange Case Study (https://metasphere.co.uk, October 2018)

PDF DownloadFrom Manual To Automated (Water Environment & Technology, May 2016)

PDF DownloadWhen failure is not an option (ISA Flash, No 58, September 2015)

PDF DownloadMission Critical Operations: When failure is not an option (InTech Magazine, May-June 2015) - original on ISA InTech Website

PDF DownloadNIST Cybersecurity Framework Aims To Improve Critical Infrastructure (Power Magazine, February 2014)

PDF DownloadThe Growth of Wireless Technologies in Process Industries (Water Efficiency Magazine, November/December 2009)

PDF DownloadUsing Technology to Implement Asset Management Processes (Water Efficiency Magazine, September/October 2009)

PDF DownloadSCADA and Live Pattern Matching (Distributech Conference, San Diego, USA, 2007)

PDF DownloadThe Business Benefits of Integrating SCADA and GIS (Distributech Conference, San Diego, USA, 2007)

PDF DownloadCommunications Conundrum (Institution of Engineering & Technology Computing & Control Magazine, 2007, reproduced in Utility Week, 2008)

PDF DownloadThe application of SCADA techniques to deliver vehicle performance information in a reliable and cost effective manner (Institution of Engineering & Technology Automotive Electronics Conference, London, UK, 2006)

PDF DownloadSecurity of Distributed Control Systems Conference summary (Institution of Engineering & Technology Computing & Control Magazine, UK, 2006)

PDF DownloadPattern Matching of Live Data to Implement Proactive Network Management (Computing & Control in the Water Industry Conference, Exeter, UK, 2005)

PDF DownloadThe use of SCADA techniques to improve Overall Equipment effectiveness (Institute of Mechanical Engineers Reliability, Maintenance and Condition Monitoring Conference, London, UK, 2005)

PDF DownloadConsiderations for future RTU platforms (Institution of Electrical Engineers Computing & Control Magazine, 2003)

PDF DownloadThe introduction of a national TCP/IP enabled data collection network to reduce costs and improve operational performance (JRC Utilities Communications Conference, Coventry, UK 2002)

PDF DownloadReducing water leakage through the application of remote data collection and specialist data processing (Water & Waste Treatment Magazine, 2001 and UK Water Projects 2001)