Environmental Management

Helping to accurately monitor resources and processes, reduce energy consumption and alert before environmental incidents occur.

Manage Energy

Energy ManagementWhen running a business that involves the operation of large volumes of process plant such as pumps, energy costs are one of the biggest parts of the budget. Energy costs continue to rise and environmentally aware businesses are sensitive to the need to reduce energy consumption in order to help conserve finite resources. The task of reducing energy consumption is complex and time-consuming when large volumes of process plant are concerned.

We offer a solution to help water companies reduce energy consumption by:

  •     Automating the collection and processing of performance and energy data required to understand where energy is being consumed
  •     Providing easy-to-use efficiency indicators for process equipment, such as pump efficiency and lifecycle costing
  •     Providing historic data analysis to enable a comparison of methods for reducing energy

As well as displaying a dashboard-style comparison of similar plant at the current time, the solution stores historic data and so energy managers can:

  •     Compare performance over time or for particular regimes or time periods
  •     Obtain historic data to demonstrate operational savings
  •     Obtain historic data to demonstrate a need for investment

Monitor Pollution

PollutionProactive management of wastewater networks is a high priority for water companies, especially given the emphasis on environmental issues. It is essential that:

  •     Effort is targeted where it is most needed to meet customer service obligations
  •     Immediate annunication of high or potentially high levels to central control rooms or field engineers via standard mobile device technology
  •     Web based reporting to provide easy to understand network status

Measure Resource

ResourcesManagement of resources is a complex and time consuming task requiring the collection and processing of large amounts of data from a variety of sources, often in remote and physically challenging locations. We provide water companies with:

  •     Complete remote site solutions for specific resources such as reservoir level and rain gauge
  •     Central processing and web based reporting to simplify the processing and analysis of resource data
  •     Automatic integration of resource data with other business systems