Production & Distribution Management

Helping with their production and distribution processes through the use of process optimization methods, data processing and process security solutions.

Security Management

Security ManagementWater company sites are vulnerable to vandalism, theft and terrorism. Aside from the obvious threat to the public such vulnerabilities can cause serious financial and operational strain on water companies. To mitigate against these threats to production and distribution We provide a range of solutions:

  •     Corroborating intrusion evidence provision through the use of discrete wireless mains-free data monitoring and camera technology, providing control-room alarm and supporting evidence
  •     RFID-based access control systems with central management capabilities to manage access with minimal effort
  •     Specialist sensor technology capable of being “trained” to learn hazardous chemical signatures so that threats to potable water supplies can be mitigated quickly and effectively

Leakage Management

LeakageManagement of leakage is a complex task requiring the collection and processing of large volumes of flow and pressure data. Remote data collection together with automated leakage calculation processing enables skilled effort to be redirected away from tasks such as data entry and computation and concentrated instead upon proactive problem identification and the rapid and targeted response to dealing with problem leakage areas. We provide water companies with:

  •     Remote data collection devices that operate wirelessly without mains power or maintenance for prolonged periods (years)
  •     Configurable data processing to analyze data collected from the network to reduce the effort required from specialist engineers
  •     Web based dashboards to present the raw and processed data together with configurable automated reporting facilitating report by exception management

Production Optimization

A typical water company has production spread over a wide geographic area. The cost of production may vary widely at similar sites but in order to determine these costs the water company would need to crunch a lot of data, assuming that the data is available in the first place. If the utility business can produce information on the relative performance of similar processes, there is still work to do to decide what, if anything can be done to improve poor performing processes and to assess the benefits of any particular improvement.


We provide water companies with the ability to:

  •     Monitor processes at the point where the information is required using a wide range of monitoring equipment. This ensures that the performance of processes can be properly assessed
  •     Produce Key Performance Indicators for processes and view the performance of similar processes via dashboard style reports. This makes the task of comparing processes very much simpler
  •     Implement advanced IEC61131-3 control strategies such as adaptive control or model based control that can dramatically reduce the cost of production by tightening the process. In addition the dashboard reports allow users to easily view the results of any new control strategy and compare these against alternatives